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Secondary Steel Houston

West Walker Steel — ISO:9001:2015 certified — is among the leading wholesalers of aged, obsolete, surplus and secondary steel and metal inventories. We specialize in recouping value from excess and surplus steel inventories that are deemed obsolete due to aged product, over-orders and cancelled jobs on a domestic and global scale. Wanting to buy steel or looking for a steel broker? We can help!

We have experience with inventories of all sizes; we buy and sell all flat rolled products, Hot Rolled, Hot Rolled Pickle & Oil, Hot Dipped Galvanized, Cold Roll, Cold Roll Full Hard, Galvaneal, Galvalume, Electro Galvanize, Painted Hot Dipped Galvanized, Painted Hot Dipped Galvalume, Master Coils, Pup Coils, Sheets and Slit Coils. If you’re looking for any of our steel products, you can visit our Check Inventory Page.

We buy steel in all conditions: prime stock, outside stored surplus, and secondary steel goods that have defects. Regardless of the condition or the location, we are able to purchase these products to create working capital. So if you need to sell steel, give us a call at (616) 538-4305! With timely pickup and shipment to any site nationwide, we’ve built a reputation of delivering to and from anywhere, anytime.


Steel Processing Services Houston

With so many different steel products you can buy and sell, we know it might be hard to locate the exact type of coil or sheets you may need. West Walker Steel can process almost any inventory we have to make the coil or sheets you desire. So just because we don’t have the exact type of sheets you’re looking, doesn’t mean we can’t process exactly what you’re searching for!

We can take any steel coil we have in our warehouses, and transform it into whatever fits your needs! If you’re thinking of buying steel products that might be more expensive, we might be able to cut some of your costs by creating a sheet or coil just for you! Give us a call at (616) 538-4305 to see how West Walker Steel can save you and your company money on your secondary steel products!

Steel Broker Houston

West Walker Steel is ISO:9001:2015 certified, making us one of the leaders in the secondary steel market! We aren’t you’re average joe — our team has a combined over 250 years of experience in the steel industry, including being a steel broker. Our experience, attention to detail and ability to customize your order makes us the perfect fit for whatever job you’re needing steel to fulfill. If you’re trying to find something unique or specific, go to Check Inventory and submit a contact form with what you need!

Wanting to know if we have worked with someone in your specific field or industry before? Our prime industries we work in are Automotive, Metal Building, Agricultural, Truck trailer and Service center industries. However, that does not stop there! We’ve helped dozens of folks that are in another, unique field get the steel products they need! In fact, between our two offices in Chicago, Illinois, and Grand Rapids, Michigan, we’re able to fulfill any request you may have! If our home facility can’t find what you’re looking for, our secondary steel facilities all over the United States can help to fulfill any order you have!

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Secondary Steel

Mill prime material, excess prime, slab rollings, secondary and mill field claims.

Steel Products

We offer a wide variety of steel: Cold Rolled, Hot Rolled, Hot Rolled & Pickled, Hot Dipped Galvanized, Galvanealed, Galvalume, Electro Galvanized, and Aluminized.

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We understand that each customer’s application will vary so we offer services such as Blanking, Leveling, Shearing, Slitting, Edging, Cold Reducing, Cut To Length, and Slearing to get your steel just the way you need it.

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